The Health Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage Go Beyond Muscle Relaxation

While a deep tissue massage will relax your muscles and make your body relax, there are many health benefits of a deep tissue massage that go beyond simple muscle relaxation. When you take the time to invest in a deep tissue massage, you will help release toxins from your body, promote overall wellness, improve your mood and bolster your natural immunity. When you are feeling sore and sluggish, it's time to schedule a deep tissue massage with a local massage therapist.

Releasing Toxins from Your Body

Toxins are removed from your body through your digestive system. Toxins travel throughout your body in your bloodstream, and your liver is responsible for cleansing the toxins out of your blood. When toxins are trapped in your muscle tissues, it's impossible for your body to purify your body completely. When you get a deep tissue massage, the toxins stored in your muscle fibers are released into your bloodstream.These toxins are then transported to your liver where they will be filtered out and eliminated from your body. Your massage therapist will tell you to drink plenty of water before and after your massage, as the release of toxins is more efficient when you are not dehydrated.

Improve Your Mood

A good massage will release feel good neurochemicals, or endorphins, making you feel calm and happier. If you are feeling particularly stressed before you go to your massage, you may find that you start crying during your massage as a form of release. A deep tissue massage will increase the endorphins running through your bloodstream, which will improve your mood for a number of hours once the massage is over.

Bolster Your Natural Immunity With a Massage

While you release toxins from your body and improve your mood, a deep tissue massage can also help your immune system function more effectively. Your body has the natural ability to heal itself from colds and other infections, but it can only do so when the immune system is working well. A deep tissue massage improves your immune system by removing toxins, and stimulating blood flow throughout your body. 

If you are ready to discover all of the health benefits of a deep tissue massage, it's time to make an appointment with a massage therapist today. You will leave feeling relaxed, your muscles will be less tense, and you will improve your overall health. Visit a massage therapist at Therapeutic Body Concepts Massage Clinic today.

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