How To Identify And Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

It is common to get sadder during the winter. Many people endure a type of winter blues due to a lack of sunlight and surrounded by cold weather. For others, it is more than just a seasonal funk. Seasonal affective disorder occurs in millions of people and can wreak havoc on your life for several months at a time. You also need to be able to overcome the negative feelings and turning them into positive ones. Using massage therapy as part of your overall wellness program can help combat some of the symptoms from SAD. In order to overcome it, you need to know what you're really dealing with. 

Symptoms of SAD

There are many symptoms that you can endure with SAD that you may would attribute to other conditions if you weren't careful. Some of the symptoms you could experience include low energy, agitation, trouble sleeping, and changes in your weight or appetite. While these symptoms can often occur with depression, it can be difficult to know which disorder you may be experiencing. SAD tends to develop late in the fall or early in the winter or can occur just in the summer. Unlike SAD, depression can occur year round and the symptoms can be more severe. 

Causes and Risk Factors of SAD

The change in seasons has a major affect on your body. Not only does it disrupt your internal clock, but it can have an affect on your melatonin levels and serotonin levels as well. As these chemicals become imbalanced within your body, you can start to suffer from seasonal affective disorder. While anyone can develop the condition, it is most likely to occur in women. When men do get the condition, they can expect to have more severe symptoms. If you have a history of SAD in your family, it is much more likely that you could develop it as well. Older people tend to suffer from SAD more than younger people. If you already have problems with depression, it is likely the change in seasons can stir up SAD. Being aware of when you are likely to develop the condition can help you.

Massage Therapy

While there are many ways to help you overcome SAD, massage therapy is proven to be effective against the disorder. When you go to get a massage, the touch and pressure helps increase neurotransmitters. In return, this helps increase hormones that lower anxiety. It can also decrease blood pressure and heart rate that is associated to the condition. Coupled with other forms of therapy, you can overcome some of the symptoms you've been experiencing due to SAD. Contact a clinic such as Lakeside Spa Massage Therapy for more information or to schedule a treatment session for yourself.

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